Infection Control Statement

At Coleford Family Doctors infection control is a priority. It is the responsibility of everyone to follow simple infection control advice.

There are many ways of reducing infection but hand hygiene is universally essential. Some of the infection control measures can be seen at the surgery, for example clinical staff wearing protective aprons and gloves when carrying out procedures. Hand gel is available throughout the surgery for patients to use.

There are also many examples of good practice being carried out by all staff at the surgery that patients may be unaware of.

We have various policies and procedures to reduce the risk of infection to patients and staff and these are reviewed regularly. Regular audits are carried out to evaluate current practice and infection rates.

All staff have at least annual infection control training which includes hand hygiene assessments.

We actively promote vaccinations to protect patients against infections i.e; flu and shingles campaigns. We have a designated infection control lead, Practice Nurse, Patricia Baynham.

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding infection control, please let us know.